Dimarciano Cavalier

Dimarciano Cavalier is a small company with big plans. The materials and technologies we use are innovative and unusual in the field of luxury handbags. Our handbags grew out of great interest in new materials and a desire to do something innovative.
The entire production and design take place in Estonia and all products are individually inspected, checked, and polished to the last detail. All the details of the bag are thoroughly thought out and are genuine handicrafts. Our products are made of carbon fiber, the very same carbon fiber that is used to make luxury cars and used in the aerospace industry. Our plan is to bring a little more vibrancy and colors to the dreary everyday life, because let’s be honest – there seems to be only grey and black around us. That’s why we’ve paired luxurious carbon with high-quality leather from Gruppo Mastrotto in Italy. We don’t have to be all the same, we want to be unique, we want to stand out, we want to be the ones who will be remembered for a long time and who will be an idol, someone to look up to. Let your life be more fun, colorful and glamorous – thanks to us, it’s a little bit easier.

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